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NASA SLS & Orion Spacecraft


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                                                     Join us on a JOURNEY TO MARS!




Want to hold a piece of humanity's future in the palm of your hand? Then check out our newest nano-scale design: the NASA Space Launch System and Orion spacecraft! Currently in development and entering the final stages of testing before its first human-helmed missions, these 70, 105 & 130 ton, 321, 364 & 365-foot-tall behemoth will take astronauts back to the Moon, and eventually on to Mars, hopefully in the next 10 to 15 years.

Designed in collaboration by Eurquieta, whatsuptoday & 10000ukuleles, the creators who brought you the nano-scale Saturn-V Lego Ideas project, this brand-new 1:600 scale, 1,008-piece model features similar attention to detail and great playability as previous nano-scale designs. A few of these details include:

  • multi-component construction for easy playability and display, including:
    • 1x ​crawler-transporter
    • 1x brand-new launch tower
    • 2x true-scale lower rocket stage variations
    • 8x upper stage variations based on existing and proposed mission profiles
    • 1x display stand with descriptive labels for each component
  • many movable and posable parts, such as:
    • synchronized crawler treads
    • adjustable height and folding gateways for both optional models of rocket
    • elevator-equipped tower extending from ground to the highest gateway
    • hinged flaps for exhaust control below the launchpad
    • and much more
  • thoughtful construction that includes many reinforcements for sturdiness and playability, with three hidden rigid hoses to strengthen the rocket structure


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