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So far, the children in your Modular City have had to settle for the limited toy selection in the Grand Emporium. But now, they can have all the toys they need when you stop by the beautiful Modular Toy Shop! Step through the revolving door under the colorful brick-built sign and go inside to check out all the amazing options! On the first floor, you'll find red and blue bicycles waiting to be purchased, and a microfigure-scale castle with opening drawbridge and 4 microfigures, all on a smooth tiled floor. Walk up the spiral staircase (with chain railing) and head to the second floor, where there is a stand for stuffed animals, and a stand with toy soldiers. There's also a detailed dollhouse filled with chairs, a table, and a bed, along with two tiny figurines and a car. Finally, go up to the final floor where there is a toy train with engine and 2 train cars and several toy cars on one side, with lots of costumes and props on the other side! The best part? Both floors feature balconies overlooking the wonderful view out of the giant front windows! Pick whatever toys you want, and go back to the first floor; check out at the cash register, take your shopping bags and put them into your cool white car with opening trunk! Don't forget to stop by the cute hot dog cart with opening bin before you leave!

This building is incredibly detailed inside and out, and has many features along with its 6 minifigures. One important addition is a sorely needed vehicle in the Modular Buildings series; there has only been the movie star car in the Palace Cinema and the fire truck in the Fire Brigade. Also, with this set, you not only get a building that fits wonderfully in with your modular collection, but you also get so many different kinds of bricks and get to experience lots of unique building techniques, such as: the car fenders and handlebars used for wall detailing, chains built into the wall for spiral staircase safety, arches used for walls and styling, complex vehicle construction for optimum space efficiency, and so much more!

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