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Boeing 777X


1000 Supporters

We're 10% of the way there - and it hasn't even been 60 days yet!
In celebration of this milestone, I give you an image of the Lego 777X landing.


777 Supporters + Interior!

I thought it was really cool that when I signed on to check how many supporters the project had, it was exactly 777 (as in Boeing 777X)!
So cool, in fact, that I've decided to release the update I was working on for the 1000 supporter mark early!
I have now given the Boeing 777X an interior. The interior details are located in two compartments, which you can access by removing parts of the roof, as shown below:
Just like the real aircraft, there are different classes. From back to front, we start in economy class. Like the real 777 family of aircraft, there are 10 seats per row, arranged 3-aisle-4-aisle-3. There is a gap row aligned with the aircraft's doors, with a divider in the middle. The seats are positioned just below the windows - so yes, if this were built in real life, you would be able to see the seats through the windows!
At the front of the plane, the compartment is divided between First class in the front and Business class in the rear. Business class seats are large and comfortable, arranged 1-aisle-2-aisle-1 on this plane. They feature much more legroom than economy, a large, comfortable seatback, and an overall better experience. The bathroom is also included - you can just barely see it behind the last seat.
However, it gets even more luxurious with first class. Here, the seats lie completely flat to make a bed - the ultimate luxury on a long-haul flight! In addition, the dividers between seats are staggered, so that passengers don't have to share aisle access with their neighbors. Like business class, these seats are laid out in a 1-aisle-2-aisle-1 configuration.
Hopefully, these details would serve to make the Boeing 777X set even more fun and engaging to build! Make sure to spread the word to anyone who would enjoy this potential Lego set - we've come a long way, but we're not quite there yet!


500 Supporters + New Liveries!

500 Supporters now? This project is moving along fast!
In my last update, I mentioned the potential for Lego to frown on a livery based on a licensed airline, for two main reasons:
  1. Increased licensing fees
  2. Lots of intricate prints
To counteract these potential issues, I have designed liveries for the 777X based on previous Lego City passenger plane designs, and have made sure to avoid using a single print. The result may be a little blocky, but it's likely more feasible than an intricate paint job based on a real airline.
See if you can guess which sets these are based on!
And as always, remember to support this project and share with others - let's make a big airplane set happen!


British Airways Livery!

The first new livery for my 777X project!
As per NoBricksLeft's suggestion, I have rendered the aircraft in the colors of British Airways, one of the current customers of the 777X.
Now, I am worried about the potential for licensing issues with this livery on the final product, so I'll also be releasing non-licensed liveries fairly soon. That way, when this project reaches 10,000 supporters, the Lego group will have options for the plane's design.
Anyways, here's the render, and as always, be sure to support and spread the word!


100 Supporters + Mini Model!

100 Supporters... in less than 3 days...
I'd say things are going well!
Thank you all so much! I usually try to have some big update ready for 100 supporters, but it happened so fast, I really don't have much!
To celebrate this speed, though, I've designed a mini model of the Boeing 777X. It is built to a scale of 1:380, is 8 inches long, is designed using only existing Lego parts, and is made from exactly 100 pieces - one for each of you first 100 supporters! Please enjoy this fun micro build.
And as always, be sure to spread the word about this project! If you want to see it become a real set, tell your friends, family, colleagues - anyone who might be interested! Let's get a big plane set designed!

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