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Solar Control

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2-4 Players compete in a strategic environment attemtping to take control of the solar system. The players must figure out a way to best conquer and safegaurd their territory, whilst others do the same. To win, a player must take full control of three of the five planets on the board.

How to Play


  • A player must have four plates of their color on all 4 sides of a planet to have conquered it
  • A player must dismantel all four plates (takes 4 turns) from planet to begin taking it from another player
  • Multiple players can build on the same planet at the same time.

Playing: A player can do any one of the actions below during their turn.

  • Moving: a player can move as many crafts as they want during a turn. A roll of the dice dictates the number of spaces the player can move the craft.
  • Attacking: a player can attack another player's ship as long as that ship is in the same sector as the attacking vessel; a hit is indicated by the red face on a dice. The ensuing battle lasts until one of the participating ships is destroyed. 
  • Collecting: a player needs to collect parts to build a ship. A player can collect these parts at any of the three generation ships on the board. Only 1 part can be collected per turn. A player's ship must be present in the same sector as a generation ship to collect a part.
  • Building: to build a ship, the player must be in the same sector as a shipyard(blue station).
  • Reviving: to revive a ship,the player must be in the same sector as a medical station(red station) and pay 1 part.
  • Establishing: a player can build one settlement every turn on each planet they have a ship in the sector of.

As you can see, there are multiple pieces to this game. Get to know the peices you'll be playing with here:

  • Frigate: costs 2 parts, 1 Hp, damages 1 Hp per hit, moves on grey tiles
  • Chaser: costs 4 parts, 3 Hp, damages 2 Hp per hit, moves on grey tiles
  • WarSat: costs 5 parts, 2 Hp, damages 6 Hp per hit, sits on black tile
  • Battleship: costs 6 parts, 6 Hp, damages 4 Hp per hit, moves on black tiles

WarSats can only attack in the adjacent sectors they watch, which are marked by a beacon, moving into one of these sectors automatically engages your ship and the WarSat in combat. Players have three rolls to destroy a WarSat or WarSat's health resets and the battle is over.

The positions of the planets, generation ships and space stations are fully customisable.

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