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Sleeping Beauty Mini Castle


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Mesdames et Messieurs et vous, les Enfants ... Bienvenue à Disneyland Paris!

Bring home with you the magic of the Sleeping Beauty Castle of Disneyland Paris.

This model reproduces the iconic heart of Fantasyland in all its detail at a small scale, which will allow you to display it easily for the joy of family and friends.

The castle comes with roughly 950 pieces and measures 23x23cm and is 25cm tall… It is complete with the bridge and the arched passage which joins Main Street with Fantasyland, the tallest tower where Sleeping Beauty awaits to be rescued, the round ballroom on the second floor and is all in this beautiful pink colour we all love!

The castle can be enjoyed from any side: you can turn it and have every day a different point of view!

My family and I use to visit Disneyland Paris to celebrate great events… We love it! You pass through the doors under the train station, you cross the round gazebo square and there you have it! Before you, at the end of Main Street, stands the amazing Sleeping Beauty Castle! All of a sudden you are in Disney's tale and you are child again.

Playing with Lego (R) is our family's favourite... we spend time together on official sets and MOCing around...

So, I thought it would really be great if we could join the merry memories of visiting Disneyland Paris and the excitement of building some Lego(R)… Mesdames et Messieurs, the mini Sleeping Beauty Castle is born!

I love building small, it is so much fun, it allows to use different techniques and imagination…Moreover, the Mini Castle fits well in our living room!

I hope you enjoy my little model!


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