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Black Pearl

The Black Pearl is a mysterious ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean. The ship belongs to Jack Sparrow (sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow). This is a miniature version of the magnificent ship.

This ship has three stories. The very bottom story for storage and cannons, the middle story for the pirates to sleep and eat, and the top story for steering and controlling the ship, otherwise known as the deck.

There are exactly 269 pieces in this model. Unfortunately, for privacy reasons, I can't post the html building instructions. This model is also not exact, for instance the flags were originally black. Then again, it's a work in progress.

I used LDD to create this model. Then I took a screenshot and went into Photoshop with the picture. Yes, this is really what the model looks like, I just removed the background. Note: I've done this with all of my projects.

If you have any questions or recommendations, please let me know! :)

This is the Black Pearl with its stories separated. Only a few studs connect the stories, allowing for easy building and dismantling.

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