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Godzilla: Terror in Tokyo


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"Godzilla: Terror in Tokyo" is a project inspired by the 1954 film, directed by Ishiro Honda, in which in the movie, a beast comes out from the sea to destroy Japan, until Dr. Serizawa creates an oxygen destroyer, and they defeat the creature. My goal with this construction is to pay homage to this great classic of cinema, although it does not represent a specific scene or location, I just tried to make a combination that best reflects this movie.

This being consists of 1292 pieces, with which we can form:

  • A building that represents 2 scenes from the movie (on the first floor, we see Doctor Daisuke Serizawa's laboratory, the second floor is Yamane's house), in addition, this structure is being attacked by the kaiju
  • A vehicle
  • Minifigures of Emiko Yamane and Doctor Serizawa holding the oxygen destroyer
  • The beast that gives name to the movie and the set, Godzilla (plus 2 extra eye pieces).With all this,

we have a not very big set, which could be enjoyed by everyone, especially by fans of the franchise.

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