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The Wizard Peaks


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The idea:
It is a great displayable set, but the general idea is that someone expands on this build themselves to create their own miniature fantasy world. The border will be removable and have pins attached to them so there is room to expand and create your own miniature magical wonderland! I can already see the endless possibility’s :D (I want to build a shipwreck on the right with a kraken devouring it)
The build:
The build includes a rocky shore with a cliff where 2 boats are arriving in the harbor. there is a bridge that leads of the island to a floating rock where a massive wizard castle is built on top. But wait there is more! Deep underground the dwarves are at work in the mines searching for gems and shiny rocks!
There is defiantly room for improvement and some more detail, but I’ll leave that to the amazing designers at Lego. I do have one suggestion. When I started building this, I really wanted Gandalf’s hat to be used as one of the tower roofs but unfortunately, I went for less is more in the end. So, I dare the Lego designers to find room for this magical piece ;)

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