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Imperial Theta Class T2-C "Palpatine's Shuttle"


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Here is my next project: Senator Palpatine's personal Theta Class T2-C Shuttle from Star Wars Episode III. This is a major update of the 2010 Palpatine Shuttle set (8096). While that set had lots of interesting features, I feel they sacrificed the shuttle's ultra cool sleek look to include so much. This one gives the builder a nice smooth ship to play with and display, without any ugly exposed bits on one side of the wings.

Parts count is right around 800 this time. The cockpit is detailed and there is a working boarding ramp and landing gear. The landing skis are designed almost the same as the ones in the original set, but are not functional with the controls on LDD. Of course, the iconic Imperial Shuttle style wings fold up for landing and lower for flight.

I had planned for this to have a more usable interior, but I felt the weight of the wings demanded more internal support. If a prototype was built with real bricks, it might be possible to streamline the support system and open up the inside for details. Please note that the images in the last picture are not mine, I only collaged them together on Photoshop. I would like to see this set come with figures of Senator Palpatine, an Imperial Pilot, and one or two of the blue Senate Guards.

Thanks for looking and be sure to visit my page for some other unique Star Wars ships, a haunted fort, and an ocean explorer! I look forward to your support and comments!!

Happy Building


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