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Dolomite Plant


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Welcome to the growing industrial zone.

A dolostone/dolomite processing plant is added to the scene.

 The name dolomite is used for a sedimentary carbonate rock composed mostly of the mineral dolomite. An alternative name sometimes used for the dolomitic rock type is dolostone. quote:

"The most common use for dolostone is in the construction industry. It is crushed and sized for use as a road base material, an aggregate in concrete and asphalt, railroad ballast, rip-rap, or fill. It is also calcined in the production of cement and cut into blocks of specific size known as "dimension stone."

Dolomite's reaction with acid also makes it useful. It is used for acid neutralization in the chemical industry, in stream restoration projects, and as a soil conditioner.

Dolomite is used as a source of magnesia (MgO), a feed additive for livestock, a sintering agent and flux in metal processing, and as an ingredient in the production of glass, bricks, and ceramics. "


The model is built on a 32x32 base plant and has 3000 pieces (see screenshot).
The two rails outside the baseplate on which the train cart stands would not be included, I only added them for the picture.

Height: approximately 60 bricks
The model is based on: kalkwerk Vollmer 45725

Some of you may notice some differences between the close ups and the main picture. The model had 3174 bricks and thus I had to remove some parts to stay within the 3k. Since structural bricks could not be removed, it had to be optical ones, so some details are missing.


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