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House In The Forest

What is it?
This is a simple, pretty house, a woodcutter with his son, Max and daughter, Nina. I tried to add more details: a lily and a fish in the part of the lake, one dirty pig (because it is sitting in a puddle), a bunny next to its favourite carrot, a mailbox, a weather wave on the roof of the house, two shelves (the first is a bit smaller and lower, the second is bigger and upper) and a super small kitchen inside the house.

Why did I build it?
A good question! I... I just... My dream, is to create!

Why do I believe this would make a good LEGO set?
Just imagine: One person who really wants to get peace of mind, because he lives in a city and there is always a fuss, he goes to the LEGO store and buys a set called "House In The Forest". He goes home, opens the box and the building begins. When he's ready he say Great! It can decorate a table in the office, or I can put it on the shelf. He puts the set on the shelf. My little peaceful house. Like in my dreams!

It was a normal day for Max. He was awakened by a beautiful melody. It was his dancing sister, Nina. She loves ballet. Then his mother came up and said affectionately, Well, finally you woke up ... you are leaving, your dad is waiting for you.
Max jumped out of bed and got dressed. He completely forgot, today is May 20, he is going to go to his father. His father is to live in a forest, because he is a tree cutter.
When he got out, he and his sister were waiting for a taxi...

And when they came to the forest, to their dad, your story began!

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