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Lighthouse "Roter Sand" (Red Sands)


Many thanks for your support

The last three days for voting and I will say many thanks to all supporters.
It was a great pleasure for me and a nice experience with my first LEGO IDEAS project here.

The support number is now at 393 and I didn’t do much marketing for it at all, so the 393 supporter’s show an honest interest for a great building and for a model hardly known anywhere else but in Germany! So in my opinion 393 fans are fantastic!

By the way, I think a Jumping Jack - Pot Whale is a great idea too ;)

Take care and stay healthy



Lighthouse in cloudy weather

The Lighthouse is a part of a fair in the northern germany city "Wilhelmshaven".

Together with the RLUG "Bricks am Meer e. V." presents the City-mall "Nordseepassage" things around the city.

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