Product Idea |

Batman's Bass Base

This work was based on Batman's Image who loves beat box in Lego movie. 

Transforming his Bat-base into "Bass" box, and adding some scenes in the Batman's movie which will be released in 2017.
So, I  use "Bass Base" as its name. Just for fun.


Internal scenes: 

  • DJ stand with the speaker wall, this might be Batman's favorite.
  • Lift
  • "Hey mom, Hey dad, I saved the city again today. I think you are really proud" 
  • And the dinning room here, "I deserve this today, today I deserve it" (Batman with Lobster)
  • Weapons wall
  • Central control room
  • It's the most wonderful thing to wear the pajama after a long long day.
  • Front: vehicle runway.


Batman's Vehicle:
According to the six-wheel vehicle in LEGO Movie, to re-modify the size into one seat vehicle