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Thinking about your winter village layout? The old miller, Mr Dex, would love to be a part of it!

Although, the mill was decommissioned quite a while ago he converted the small mill into a modest living quarters. The milling stone remained and is used as the diner table. He often shows schoolkids around and tells them about the olden days. But outside of that, he spends a lot of time alone with his dog Clooney. Not that he is lonely, as Ms. Lynn from further down the road comes over with some hot chocolate regularly!

I build this mill as I think it is a lovely Dutch scene and would be a really nice addition to any winter village layout as well as a beautiful stand-alone scene. Located on a small hill it consists of 1715 parts. The upper part of the mill is made using SNOT techniques.

By the way, did you spot the bunny?

I would be grateful if you could help my dream come true and leave me a vote!

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