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LEGO Portal 2 - Core Transfer


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Wheatley and Chell have finally reached GLaDOS' lair and in order to defeat the evil GLaDOS they will have to conduct a core transfer. Doing so will give Wheatley control of the whole facility but unfortunately things might not go quite as planned. Can Chell press the Stalemate Resolution Button? Will Wheatley be able to handle his new great power? Or will GLaDOS prevent them from doing so? Well that my friend is up to you!

This LEGO recreation of this amazing boss fight from the video game Portal 2 created by Valve includes everything you need to reenact this scene with: two portals that can be moved anywhere!, A portal gun with a changing nozzle!, Core Transfer Station, Stalemate Resolution Button, Pose-able GLaDOS!, and Wheatley the Core which can be attached to GLaDOS' body as a head replacement!

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