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We Bare Bears

We Bare Bears is on Lego Ideas! Support for a chance to have this set made into a real set by Lego.

We Bare Bears is a show about three bear brothers who live in a cave outside of a huge city, filled with people. They can talk, text, and eat! This show originally aired on Cartoon Network, and has a TV movie too. Lego is able to make it, so please press support.

This set is made to resemble the cave from the hit show, and comes with all three bears! The cave has a window, a TV, a refrigerator, a table, their couch, and a cool rock design. Panda is in the set, a funny bear who likes his phone. Grizz is in this set too, a leader who likes the city people and animals. Ice Bear is here also, he is usually silent and likes his axe.

Thanks for visiting, supporting is easy, so please do so for a Lego We Bare Bears set!

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