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Vintage Jukebox With Bluetooth Speaker


...Added Minifigure!!

... A minifigure is approaching the Jukebox to choose her favorite song!
If you like the update you can do the same by supporting the idea of ​​flying together to the next 5k milestone!

Thank you very much! :-)


The Jukebox has turned on !!

...To thank again all my supporters who allowed me to pass the 1k milestone, I wanted to make one last update that I have been particularly fond of for some time! 
The Jukebox has finally turned on in the front and is coming to life !! 
Imagine having it with you while listening to your favorite music. If you like this idea and you haven't supported it yet, then now is the right time to do it! Any support will be precious to quickly reach the next 5k milestone! 
When we reach it i will do the final update with the lighting bricks on the top too!

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Thanks again and Happy New Year everyone! 🙂💪


Added lighting bricks!

Thank you all for the support!! To celebrate the 1000 supporters I decided to make a small change but of great visual effect! 
To give the Jukebox the light effect, I inserted the "light bricks" on the front. 
The great thing is that you can replace them with the colors you want and turn them all on together to create the authentic atmosphere of lights while listening to your favorite songs! 
I hope you enjoyed the update and I thank all my supporters again and also all future supporters who will appreciate my work! ... And don't forget to share! 🙂💪



... I am thinking of publishing an update to celebrate the milestone of 1000 supporters ... I was thinking of inserting one or two minifigures in the center of the case, positioned above the emblem of the red circle! Do you like this idea ?! Feel free to suggest the minifigure you would like to see in the comments! And don't forget to support !! Thank you all!! 🙂💪


500 supporters!!

Thank you so much to all!!! ..Next mile 1000?? Maybe I daydream but I want to believe it!! 🙂💪


380 supporters!

... next mile 500 supporters! Thank you so much to all!! 🙂💪


Bluetooth speaker vintage Jukebox

In this update I created an opening door on the back of the Jukebox with an empty internal space (about 9cm high, 9cm wide and 9cm deep) to be able to insert a bluetooth speaker inside!
You can then play all your favorite music directly from the Jukebox, transforming it into a real vintage stereo, as well as a exhibit piece! Good music everyone!!

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