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Vintage Jukebox With Bluetooth Speaker


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I love vintage objects and settings and so I came up with the idea of trying to create the vintage Jukebox with LEGO bricks!

I chose the Wurlitzer 1015 model from 1946 which with its simple but very bright and colorful line soon became a symbol ofpost-war rebirth and an inevitable object in every Diner of the time.

Even today it is one of the most famous and collected and I think this symbol of music history deserves a place on the shelves!

I created then an opening door on the back of the Jukebox with an empty internal space (about 10cm high, 10cm wide and 10cm deep) to be able to insert a mini bluetooth speaker inside!

You can then play all your favorite music directly from the Jukebox, transforming it into a real vintage stereo, as well as a display piece!

To give the Jukebox the light effect, I inserted the "light bricks" on the front. 
The great thing is that you can replace them with the colors you want and turn them all on together to create the authentic atmosphere of lights while listening to your favorite songs! 

With 1821 total pieces, 43cm height, 32cm length and 26cm depth, it is a display piece that will thrill old and new generations!


I hope you enjoy my work! Please support it... And don't forget to share! 🙂💪

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