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Giant Insects Leader


Hi Guys,

Oh dear! Since I have forgotten that the "Giant Insects" need a leader.

Just as the "Young and Old Elite Silverback Kong's" their Silverback.

Here is my next creation.
"The leader of the Giant Insects"

My two sons asked me, when I had uploaded the "Giant Insects"
"Is there no leader in the Giant Insects ??"
"That's right, there still lacks something."

Well! So I had to conjure a leader out of the hat.
Hir is he, the "Giant Insects leader"
I hope he succeeded me !?

With this model, I would like to enrich the Lego world to enlarge.
So that the little and big kids can play with it, or can simply collect it.
Do you like this and Lego? So, please click on the support button.
So commenting like the model.
Keep on building! ;-)

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