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Disney's Tsum Tsum™ Mickey: LEGO® Style


Tsum Tsum Pluto Update

I am back today with a new creation that I have built myself. Tsum Tsum Pluto is my new project. Pluto is Mickey's dog and one of Mickey Mouse's very best friends. I hope you enjoy this creation. Keep on supporting everyone.

Build On! :-)



Over 50 supporters!

Now we have over fifty supporters and we are doing great. I have some other pictures of Minnie and Mickey also. I hope you enjoy the pictures and Build On! :-)


Minne Tsum Tsum

I am excited to announce that we have over 40 supporters! Mickey was lonely so, I build him his mate Minnie. Minnie is similar to Mickey, but was a bit more difficult to build. Minnie and Mickey are super excited about reaching over 40 supporters and is hoping for more.

Here are some pictures of Minnie.


Over 30 supporters!

Wow, I am glad to announce that we have 30 supporters in just less than four days. If we keep going and we will be at 10,000 supporters in no time. If you enjoy my build, please support it and share it with your friends so it may become a actual LEGO® set. 

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