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Avatar the Last Airbender: Appa with Aang and his Friends


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About the set:
Avatar the Last Airbender is an extremely popular show with good characters and underlying messages. It tells the story of a young boy (Aang) who along with his giant flying bison (Appa) are discovered frozen in an iceberg by a brother and sister (Sokka and Katara). The series follows Aang and his friends as they travel the world so that he can follow his destiny and end a war that has ravaged their world for the past 100 years.

Now that the Avatar the Last Airbender has returned to Netflix and that Netflix is planning on making a live action version of it. I feel that there are new fans as well as the original fans who would love to see another official Lego Avatar the Last Airbender set, and no set would make more sense then one featuring Appa.

I have been a huge fan of Avatar the Last Airbender since it premiered back in 2005, and I watched the entire series as it aired. Lego released there two official Avatar the Last Airbender sets the following year, at that time I was 12 and I never was able to get my hands on them, and now those two sets are incredibly rare and expensive. But I found it curious that Lego did not make a set featuring Appa, I have always thought that an Avatar the Last Airbender set featuring Appa would make the most sense, considering he is one of the main characters featured throughout the entire series. I have wanted to try my hand at making a Lego Appa for quite some time as well, and with some of the newer Lego bricks that have been released in recent years I decided that it was finally time that I try.

  • Appa has a large ball joint between his head and his body allowing vertical and horizontal movement of his head.
  • His mouth can open and close.
  • There is a small ball joint at the top of each leg allowing the legs to be positioned in different directions. (see pictures)
  • There is also a small ball joint at the ankle of each leg allowing the feet to rotate as well as flex up and down. (see pictures)
    • I did succeed in building legs with bendable knees, but they just did not look as nice and were not as strong as straight rigid legs.
  • Each foot has three posable toes
  • The tail has four joints in it that allow it to either bend up or down.
  • Appa's head has studs to allow Aang or another minifigure to sit on his head, and the saddle on his back is capable of seating up to four minifigures.
  • Total points of articulation: 36

  • Aang - Similar to original Lego figure that was released in 2006, maybe with updated face artwork.
    • Includes: Staff and airbending piece (the staff could also include wings so that it can be converted into a glider, in the original Lego sets the glider was far to large)
  • Katara - Have the correct color for the skin tone of the character and include updated face artwork, and possibly a new Lego hair piece.
    • Extra pieces: waterbending pieces
  • Sokka - Have the correct color for the skin tone of the character and include updated face artwork, and possibly a new Lego ponytail hair piece.
    • Extra pieces: Sokka's trusty boomerang
  • Toph - New figure with new face artwork and if possible a new Lego hair piece that more properly fits the way it appears in the show.
    • Includes earthbending piece
  • Momo - (not shown in images) was not available to use in the digital building tools but would obviously need to be included in the set.
  • Other figures would always be welcome as well: such as Zuko, uncle Iroh, Suki, or even past avatars like avatar Roku or Kyoshi.

Other Information:
  • Part count: 1078 (including Momo)
    • When using a digital building tool it is very difficult to judge just how much structural reinforcement a set needs, so chances are quite a few parts could be removed from within appa.
  • Appa dimensions: 13 stud width x 31.8 stud length x 14.4 stud height (4.1 inches x 10 inches x 4.5 inches)
  • Built and rendered using Lego Digital Designer, Mecabricks, and Lego Studio 2.0

One final thing - I don't have or use any social media, so if you like my set and would like to see it become an official one, any help sharing this with people who you think would also share and support it would be awesome and amazing and greatly appreciated.

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