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Village Emergency Centre


Village Emergency Centre

Current Lego fire stations or police stations are architecturally more suited to a large modern city than an older village or to suit the usual era for most of the modular buildings such as the Palace Theatre or the French Café. This model is aimed at being more fitting to a village or older town setting and is of a size appropriate to fit with current modular creator models.

In smaller towns or villages it may be that they are not big enough to have a separate place for all their emergency services so they are all in one in this building – though it would be simple for play to make it only a fire station or police station etc . Also in many emergency situations more than one of the emergency services can be required at the same time so this model makes for excellent co-operation between services.

Features in this model include:

  • Fire Engine
  • Ambulance
  • Police Car
  • Upward folding doors on three parking bays – each parking bay with a tool rack
  • Fitted out control room.
  • Emergency pole for firemen to get from the control room down to the ground floor
  • Emergency siren and satellite dish for communications
  • 3 minifigs to staff the control room plus three staff for each emergency vehicle.
  • Tool box, oil can and storage cupboards
  • Tall look-out tower

The building is modular in four parts – Ground Floor operations, Control room, Roof above control room, Roof above parking bays.

Dimensions – this model is built on baseplates with a dimension of 32 x 48 spots plus the external stairs and has 2177 bricks. There are 12minifigs in total plus many tools and spare fire hoses.

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