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Lego Pokemon!


Lego Pokemon was one of my original ideas for a project when I first joined Lego Ideas.  I tried a few times, but Pokemon are very complex and I gave up.  Then, a long time later, I tried again.

One of my favorite Pokemon is Evee, because he can evolve into so many possibilities.  Evee is really hard to build, so I tried another Pokemon.  And another.

Finally, I knew choosing my Pokemon was going to get me nowhere.  I grabbed my Pokemon essential handbook and flipped to a random page.  There was Ludicolo.

He looked like he’d be a pretty fun Pokemon to build.  He had a big mouth and a green crown.  I tried making him pretty small first.  Failure.  Ludicolo needed to be a little bigger so I could fit on the enormous mouth.  I tried again, and it was just perfect.  I used bananas on the crown.

I was very proud of my first Lego Pokemon success, but I knew that Ludicolo was pretty small and if I wanted to get noticed, there would have to be more.

Again I flipped to a random page in the Pokemon handbook and found Mareep.  That was lucky, because he looked almost as fun as Ludicolo.  My problem was that all my yellow pieces were on the other Pokemon.

It took a while to find enough yellow bricks to finish the job, but I got by with it and didn’t borrow one piece from Ludicolo.

And that’s the story of my two random Pokemon.  If you have a request for another Pokemon, just make a comment and I will gladly consider the idea.


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