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LEGO Architecture-Themed High School


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A model high school. This was inspired by my high school. Matter of fact, this is basically a model of my high school.

The model does not feature any interior design at the moment, however I want to design a library in as a little look in feature at some point. In the final product, I want to add the brick-textured 2x1 pieces, however Lego Digital Designer did not have it in its inventory at the time, so I was unable to add that in the design. All the pieces that look like windows are indeed windows, however they are blacked out by pieces behind them.

Any other points of view that would like to be seen, please leave a comment.

I wanted to design something I could connect with, and I felt like my high school would be a good start.

This model is in no way perfect, and any and all feedback is welcome in the form of constructive criticism. I would love to hear ideas to make the place better. This does not have to be a complete model of my school, it was just a starting point.


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