Product Idea

A Tribute to Kraftwerk

The real minifig Kraftwerk


Happy new year to all LEGO enthusiasts!

I'm proud to present you Kraftwerk as a real minifig band!

The Instrument desks are smaller now (4 x 3) with laying Computer screens. The tiles are partly fabric printed and partly with Stickers from Brick Pimp, as Close as possible at the original instruments used by Kraftwerk.

"Autobahn" mod / "Roboter"


Time for update.

First of all: the members are wrong. Right to Ralf Hütter Henning Schmitz is standing - the man with no hair. Florian Schneider is the first from right.

At second I did the "Autobahn" logo right (note the white ends of the bridge). The background design comes from the german traffic sign for higways.

And third - if you ever seen a Kraftwerk concert, you know the moment, when the lights turn off, the first tones of "We Are The Robots" can be heared and the real members were changed into robots. So the second version of the set is exactly this!

The new Star Wars droid bodies don't match with minifig heads, so I decided to take the classic space robot design with the simple arms, a 1x1 cubic brick for arms, a round brick, a column and a 2x2 plate.

Because of not many Versions in LDD are available, all 4 band members have the same face. But in original there are many more heads in original skin colour, so I will build them real to make them unique like the originals.