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Kim Possible: Operation Bueno Nacho


El Naco: Bueno Nacho Advertisment

El Naco is One of the Greatest Foodie Creation of all time, And it's actually a Tortilla Crisp Claw Recipe.


Bueno Nacho Accessories List


Bueno Nacho Accessories

Food At Bueno Nacho

1. Abuelita's Chocolate Cake

2. Flan de Amor (Soufle)  2x

3. Hablamos Salad (Kim's Favorite)

4. Bowl of Helado (Ice Cream)

5. Bowl of Nachos

6. Taco

7.  Waco

8.  Chilaquiles with Orange juice (Casserole Bowl)

9. Churros

10. Tamales 2x

11. Chimirito (Burrito + Chimichanga)

12. 2x Soda's

13. 2x Naco's

Green Cooking Utensils (Little Pan, Fork, Knife, Cleaver, Whisk, Scoop, Spatula)


Heroes vs Villians Accessories

Shego's Green Energy

Dr.Dementor Bazooka

Plunger Gun Deactivator

Spy Gear Helmet


Ron's Scooter

Grappling hook Hair Dryer


Roller Skates


Hair Brush and laser Lipstick

My Main Man Rufus


Power Staves Electro Staffs and Jetpacks



Red Lanterns 2x



Super Suits

Fearless Ferret Costume

Kim's Power Suit


This is the Unseen 143 Pieces of the 2990 pieces included in the Set.

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