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Kim Possible: Operation Bueno Nacho

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Welcome! to Bueno Nacho, home to the greatest Mexican restaurant in Middleton! We have 582 locations worldwide. Come and enjoy our naco supreme, along with a side of our famous temple of frijoles! during the morning we serve our huevodillas, wafos, and crunchy chilaquiles with orange juice.

At Bueno Nacho, we offer a variety of authentic Mexican cuisine! our founder Senor Nacho thought that it would be genius if we combined the chimichanga and the burrito in order to create the ultimate creation, the chimirito! 

Our signature dish is the quesachanga, thanks in part to a small boy from Middletown who by accident smooshed these two into one dish! he's now apart of our honorary hall of nachos!

We are proud to say that our menu has eight combo meals, and the option of "grande sizing" meals if larger portions are desired.

For healthier options try our Hablamos! muy buenos ensaladas, and for dessert, we sell our delicious chocolate canela churros with a scoop of ice cream and flan.

Have a Bueno Nacho day! 

Kim Possible was one of the greatest cartoons that Disney produce during the 2000s, it Rivaled the likes of Hanna Montana, and succeed the Proud family in Funniness. It was a very iconic cartoon back then, and still is now!

This place has so much significance than what you could imagine! 

The Set Includes

  • Lil' diablo robot
  • Possible mobile (Sloth) 2.0
  • 10 minifigures: Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Dr.Drakken, Shego, Ned, Jim and Tim Possible, Professor Dementor, and 2x Power staves.
  • Bueno nacho has a sombrero roof and a kitchen inside
  • Hovercraft/laser
  • 2990 pieces
  • Ron's scooter

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