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Roman Galley (With Rowing Function)

This is my take on a galley, which was the primary warship employed by the Roman Empire during antiquity. Roman galleys were distinguished by their sleek design and shallow draft. The primary mode of propulsion were rowers seated in banks on either side of the vessel. My model features a single line of oars per side, making it a monoreme. Roman Galleys were equipped with a ram in the front, used to ram other warships, thereby sinking them or destroying their oars. Additionally, some, like my model, were outfitted with ballistae.

Rowing function
The primary feature of this model is the rowing function. Positioned beneath the galley are wheels linked to a mechanism. As the galley is pushed forward, this mechanism engages, setting the oars into a realistic motion. All movements of the oars in the GIF and the accompanying video are facilitated solely by this mechanism; not by any editing!

Other Features
  • The bowsprit can be positioned on either side of the bow or removed entirely to give multiple display options.
  • The ballista can be rotated 360 degrees.
  • The castle in the stern is detachable, allowing easy access.
  • Dimensions: length 45 cm, width 22 cm (including oars), height 31 cm.

I believe this model fills a void in Lego's offerings when it comes to the Roman Empire. While we have received excellent Roman minifigures, sets compatible with these figures have been noteably absent. I also think the model strikes a good balance between playability and displayability.

I found creating this model an absolute joy, and I hope you like it too. Now, let us work together to make it a reality!



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