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Bionicle: Bohrok

This Bionicle is based off of the Bohrok in 2002 while being modular to reflect the different types of bohrok that have existed ranging in flamethrowers, claws, and even hands. With the hands being a representation of the bohrok originally being Matoran which were the main inhabitants of the matoran universe. 

- Is fully articulated and can still be able to walk by itself with the addition of waist articulation
- Is fully modular in weapons load out
- has spinning weapons and claws
- eyes can fold down
- krana windshield can open
- has a re-calibration gear for re-positioning the legs when in leg cycle mode

- 1 Bohrok
- 2 flamethrowers
- 2 claws
- 2 hands
- 1 wagon/back strut for the battery pack and the one motor

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