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White Lion Temple Defense


White Lion Temple Defense


"The White Lion Temple is one of the most sacred places for the Lion Tribe. The young soldiers to be are sent there to meditate and end their trainning. It is said that once in every 1000 years the white lion will rise and give a worthy soldier powers far greater than the ones obtained trough the use of CHI orbs.

The Lion and Eagle tribes join forces in order to stop the Temple's destruction issued by King Crominus with the help of the Ravens tribe. Otherwise the balance in the World of Chima will be shattered and dark times will rise…"


Here it is! My biggest construction to date :)

Based on LEGO Legends of Chima, and despite not being a real Lego Ideas set possibility, I decided to show it nonetheless as to prove the usefulness of the White Lion Statue I showcased before :)

The project itself is really straightforward in a way that provides a background for some Lego Chima action. Even medieval themed playtime if you remove all the Chima minifigs

And this is it! I hope you guys liked it, and if you want to check more details on this build please head over to my Flickr account in here:


See the White Lion Statue in full detail here on Ideas:


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Thanks to you all and never forget!

Every thing is awesome :)


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