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Sunrise at Delicate Arch



Welcome to my latest project.

In 1929, President Herbert Hoover founded Arches Park, situated near Moab, Utah, as a National Monument. In 1938, Delicate Arch was included. The area was transformed into a National Park in 1971.

Today Delicate Arch is an icon of Utah. You can even find it on number plates. My model is 68 studs long, 11 studs deep and 38 studs high, consisting of 2935 pieces. You assemble a really huge arch with a special sandstone decoration. The major part of the bricks is in the popular colour Dark Orange. In the background you can see some oft he surrounding hills and the snow-covered La Sal Mountains. A morning-sky with twinkling stars and clouds is also part of the model. Some minifigures are taking photos.

This would be great as a LEGO-Set, because it is really difficult to built a natural landmark with bricks. But it’s possible.

I love to travel. I’ve seen many countries in my life and I like to talk to people. I’ve been several times to the States and to Arches National Park. I enjoyed the experience very much. At the moment Covid19 prevents me from travelling around the world. So I decided to design this model. It remembers me, what I have to disclaim.

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