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Ninjago - Super Hexa Mecha Ninja Force Go!


Consumed by darkness

and so we approach expiration with 0.53% and no means of reaching the milestone...I should've known! why would anyone ever create something so cool with a Zombified theme such as Ninjago as its base? it won't help you Win a Contest, It won't help you pitch an idea, It won't stop turning possible themes into Waves, But it ALWAYS steals your money just so it could make More of itself! it NEEDS to die!

as for this? no point trying to keep this Failure alive (unlike Lego who's Milking the darn thing ever since the Final Battle against Overlord Garmadon)

Edit: make that 0.57%. Still not enough.


Fading Light

we've only got five days left until this expires and only got two new supporters, boosting this to a 0.52%. we only need 48 more! I don't think I'll finish any of the renders in time!

Here how close i got with Kai

the closest i got with Lloyd

the Closest with Nya

How Close i got with Zane

how far i got with Jay

and how far i got with Cole

I might not be able to Finish any of these If i can't garner any more support within Five days, so Please Hurry!


Reaching Half!

We're only halfway to the first Milestone with a 0.5% and only Ten days left, It's our only chance of hope we got left!

Incoming render updates of Kai





and Cole


Dark times are coming...

Three people joined the support and boosted this to a 0.49%, we're at the final quarter here and only 51 away from the first milestone, we can't give up now!

anyway, here's some more renders of Kai,





And the final member to be Rendered: Cole!


Burning through Time

only Two New supporters Came and boosted this to a 0.46%. I thought more people would follow this considering that those people were responsible for bringing it to Evergreen status, but we're only 20 days away from Expiration.

Anyway, here's more Render Progress! starting with Kai

then Lloyd

Then Nya

Then Zane

And now adding Jay!

I do hope to finish one of these renders Before I'm out of time, though...


that's even Colder!

you know what's worse than getting only one supporter? getting a five day Dry streak. we only need 58 more for the first milestone! anyway, here's some render updates! first up is kai,

next is Lloyd.

then Nya.

and now, Zane!


now that's Cold

Half of our time is gone, and we're at 0.42% from one supporter. this is becoming a problem and I'm not liking it! what does it take for more support? more renders?

For Kai's Mech

For Lloyd's Green Dragon Mech

And now for Nya!


Talk about low energy.

Only one new supporter came to help this project...that only boosts it to 0.41%. we only have 35 days left, we can't give up on this! not now, not ever!

In other news, More Renders! starting with the fire mech.

And next is Lloyd's Green Dragon!


Render Wave

Another four Ninjago fans came to show their support, bumping this up to a 0.4%. I do appreciate the help, but I might need more than that...and it leaves me with one choice. Rendering.

Starting with Kai's Fire Mech!


Electrifying first quarter

Four more fans of Ninjago came to help support this, Raising the count to 0.36%. I did say it's a slow burn, but maybe too slow? do I dare turn to rendering for this?

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