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Ninjago - Super Hexa Mecha Ninja Force Go!

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Earth! Fire! Ice! Lightning! Energy! Water! Ninja-Go!

From beefy tanks, to jets, to humanoid mechs, we can all agree that our Ninjas got downright spoiled! Six whole builds, each matching the ninja's elements.

Who got what?
  • Jay has a lightning jet that forms one of the arms. (148 bricks)
  • Kai has a fireworks' carrier that's been modified for combat and can form the body. (230 bricks)
  • Zane has a snow plow that forms one of the legs.(99 Bricks)
  • Cole has an earth driller that forms one of the legs.(144 bricks)
  • Nya has a speed boat that forms one of the arms.(138 bricks)
  • Lloyd has a mechanical dragon that forms the head. (282 bricks)
If you exclude the minifigures, it takes 1041 bricks in total!

Why did you build this?
It was originally an entry in the Ninjago 10-year anniversary contest. Since then, I've made tweaks to most of the Ninja's vehicles along with the combiner mode.

Why do you believe in this?
I tried to do it in a contest and that didn't get me anywhere, so maybe I can make it an idea.

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