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Hobbit Rhosgobel


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This is a project from the Hobbit, if you are wondering, it is Radagast the Brown Wizard's House. The place where the house is located is called Rhosgobel. This project took me roughly a week to build.

The history of this building starts out as a normal shack in the wood's where Radagast the Brown lives, then one day, an acorn is pushed into the ground inside his house and grows, but Radagast being himself loving the animals and plants couldn't find the courage to uproot the little sapling and lets it grow, which pushes his house where it is leaning outward and getting old. It appears in the first movie, where he is running through the forest of Rhosgobel, and sees a lot of animals that are lying there seemingly dead, he sees one of his own pets lying there and goes to his house to heal it when all of a sudden spiders attack the house while he is inside.

I WILL POST AN UPDATE for when the house is older and the tree has pushed it farther outward, please be on the lookout for that.

First floor includes table, view of tree from inside room, shelves, a small desk, a bucket for certain items, a chest with a couple of utilities, plates with food on them, a few cups, one is spilled with water dripping, and chairs around the table.

This set will include two minifigures: Radagast and Gandalf, and will include a sleigh with Rhosgobel Rabbits, and also special Morgul Blade from Dol Guldur collected by Radagast.

I am expecting the price of it to be around $50 US Dollars. I WILL BE GLAD TO POST UPDATES, so please comment, and also comment suggestions for my next project!

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