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Gladiators' Colosseum


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Throw yourself back in the roman times with this interpretation of the Roman Colosseum as it used to be.  This set is inspired by the movie Gladiator, by Asterix books and by my passion for this ingenious civilization.

The collosseum

It is built to resemble to Colosseum based on pictures on what it would've looked like.  There is an arena for gladiators to fight for their lives, an imperial box where Caesar can watch the spectacle comfortably, 3 stories of seatings, 2 entryways through large wooden doors, an hidden trap on the arena floor where the beasts can hide and surprise the gladiators. and specified areas for the trumpeters to announce the show.  The details of the exterior were respected so that it is remarkably similar to the real Colosseum.

The Characters

It comes along with:

  • 2 gladiators
  • 2 legionnaire trumpeters
  • 1 emperor (Caesar)
  • 1 Centurion
  • 12 roman citizen to fill up the crowd
  • 2 horses
  • 1 wolf (would preferably be a tiger but could not find one)

You can fit more than 70 Lego minifigs in the crowd, feel free to use your current minifigs to fill up the crowd and make the spectacle even more entertaining.

It also comes with a chariot (possibly 2 in order to have races)


I had a lot of fun designing this set composed of just over 2000 pieces, hopefully you will find it as interesting as I do.  If you do, please support it by clicking the blue support button on this page.  You need a lego ID in order to support but it is free and easy to create.

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