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the New year is here

Hey every one I hope you all had a great new year this far and that no one died due to fireworks or other reasons.

so I'm gonna throw this out there if you guys and gals have ideas for a body kit for ether the Truck base or the car base comment and let us know.

Maybe it can pass into the next update if you do describe your idea in detail.


it's early still bu Happy new year every one here is the last update for the year.

here is the Winter/ new years themed up date.


I know I'm early.

seeing as the new years is another 3,5 hours away and I really want to get this up for you all to see here comes a modular rig with Trailer.


so happy holidays

happy holidays every one. with Christmas over the new year is coming closer with quick steps only what? three more days or so?

well I was thinking about making a christmasy version of the Modular Racer but I missed that dead line... Maybe I will make a new years eve themed one instead?

how knows it might come up on yew ears eve even.


almost twenty!

we are almost at twenty supporters I didn't think I would make it to ten even as there are so many great things on this site come on now let's suprice me more and for your support and time I will let you all have a small treat in the form of another car for the Modular racer system.This...this is Malestrom have fun imagening why he is like this.

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