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Modular Racers


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The Modular racer comes as a tribute idea to the great game Lego Universe where in you could collect modules for a car a rocket ship or entire models. This project could help give a taste to what the game was like with the creation of the racing cars with in. The first three pictures are variants using the same base but different bumpers, hoods, trunks, sides and wheels.

The usage of the modular base means one could create your own car bodies based around the plate sizes that come with the "starter" sets or the add-on sets a starter set being a set that includes a base a set of wheels and a set of car body parts for a specific vehicle. 

I can see this potential product being sold in possibly three ways first as a starter set like I described before second is as part sets in mystery bags or as race pack with two completely cars in them with their own driver.

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