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The Wild Wild West: The Wanderer


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As the majestic Wanderer train carries Secret Service agents James West and Artemus Gordon toward their next mission, the heroes are unaware of the danger lurking above! The diabolical Dr. Miguelito Loveless has designed a fleet of helicopters to conquer the United States, and he plans to test the prototype by blasting the Wanderer off its tracks!

The Wild WIld West is a western/spy series originally aired from 1965 to 1969. With its lighthearted drama, colorful heroes and villains, and engaging stories, it feels surprisingly like a modern LEGO theme in many ways. Content should be no obstacle, either, as the show was considerably less violent and more family-friendly than several other franchises already licensed by LEGO, including The Lone Ranger, The Lord of the Rings, Marvel and DC Comics, and arguably even Star Wars.  Of course, any LEGO representation of the series would need to feature its most iconic elements: Jim and Artie's train, The Wanderer, and their archenemy, Dr. Loveless. 

The current prototype features:

-Five minifigures (James West, Artemus Gordon, Dr. Miguelito Loveless, and Loveless' henchmen Voltaire and Antoinette)

-"The Wanderer" train engine

-Coal car with sound brick to play The Wild Wild West theme tune (n.b. I'm quite sure the entire song wouldn't fit on a single brick, however, the shortened version that the show played over the end-of-act cliffhangers would be ideal)

-Jim West's car with flip-down weapons rack, pool table, and desk with concealed gun

-Artimus Gordon's car with workbench, disguises, and Artie's violin

-Dr. Loveless' prototype helicopter with spinning rotor and dual cannons 


This project will be updated in the future as I tweak the design to add play features and increase show-accuracy.


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