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Beorn's House


75+ Supporters!

Wow, thanks everyone for the supports, comments, follows and shares! 76 supporters in less than a month, making it my 2nd most supported project after Rhosgobel which has 80 so far. If you are interested, my new build Hobbiton was posted, please go check that out, support, comment, follow and share, as well with all of my projects! If you are interested, in the future I will be posting a series of three Rivendell sets, 1) White Council, 2) Feast with Dwarves, 3) Last Homely House, and following those I will be building a Thror's Map Mosaic, A stone Dwarf from at the Front Gate Of Erebor, the Thunder Battle to minifigure scale and an Amon Hen display set, and possibly a Tom Bombadil's House. Thanks again for all who supported, commented on, followed and shared my other projects! Thanks, TheLordOfBricks!


Bee Hives and Stable Details

Hello! I just want to take a moment and give thanks to all who supported and followed this project! Ok, this update is showing a more detailed stable and better looking bee hives.
Recently, I have created a Hobbit Barrel Escape, and Amon Hen is awaiting approval! And also be on the lookout for a Giant Hobbiton Party Display, Rivendell (Last Homely House, White Council, and a Feast with the Dwarves), a Front Gate of Erebor, Tom Bombadil's House, and a full Weathertop.


Closer Look At Minifigs

Hello! This update is a closer look at the minifigures that will come in this set. Thanks to all of you guys for the support! By the way, if you are interested, watch out for a Barrel Escape Set sometime this week, and also be watching out for Amon Hen, Giant Hobbiton Party Display Scene, Front Gate of Erebor, Rivendell (Last Homely House, White Council, and a Feast with Dwarves), and Tom Bombadil's House.Thanks again, TheLordOfBricks.

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