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Beorn's House


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Hello! Here I have made a Lego Beorn's House from the beginning of the second movie of the Hobbit (The Desolation Of Smaug.)

Beorn's House appears in the Hobbit Book and The Desolation of Smaug Movie when the Dwarves had just been carried off by the eagles, and are getting chased by Azog the Defiler. They come running down the field with Bombur running past all of the other dwarves (one of my favorite scenes. :) ), and then smashing into the door. Then they stay for the night, and Gandalf greets Beorn and tells a story, and two by two the dwarves come walking down the stairs nervously and Greet Beorn, who then growls at them, because he is not overfond of dwarves (Shown in main picture.) Eventually Beorn welcomes them inside to eat.

In the exterior, Beorn's House includes a tree, a table for Beorn to swing his axe (also included) onto wood (also incuded), path to wood chopping table, water well, bee hives, and a detailed surrounding ground, spilled and standing water buckets, and one spilled plus three standing food buckets.

In the interior, Beorn's House includes Beorn's Huge Chair with Bear decorations, feasting table with six chairs, two shelves with utilities on them, and a bucket and a barrel (both containing food), rocking chair, a horse, a cow, and a pig.

On the roof, there is a garden, and grass lumps, with a couple plants scattered around.

This set is to minifigure scale of Beorn's House (Didn't have actual Beorn Minifigure though :) ), it is roughly around 1250 or more (excluding studs in water well).

I hope you enjoy! Please support, comment, follow, share, and Brick On! Please check out my other projects! Feel free to comment suggestions, and what I should build next, I already have Amon Hen, Giant Hobbiton Party Display, Rivendell, and Front Gate of Erebor planned, please come to a consensus for one more build!

Minifigures will be Beorn, Gandalf, Bilbo, Dwalin, Balin, Bofur, Bombur.

Animals will be Horse, Pig, Cow, and Huge Bear form of Beorn.

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Thanks! Brick On!

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