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Crusader Tower


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Wild overgrowth and craggy rocks reveal the Crusader Tower, one of many scattered within the wilderness. Red Dragon knights have been ordered to find and raid the tower for any valuables it may possess. However, a lone Crusader knight lives inside the Tower and is determined to keep any and all invaders out...

This tower was created as a homage to past Castle towers and to the basic story setups the theme used for many years. At just under 1,000 pieces, the tower is also a sizable build, both in height and overall size. It features a working front door, a full spiral staircase to the top and a furnished top room complete with a bed, a table, extra weapons, and food and drink. Several torches are spread throughout the tower and there are a select number of windows to provide further light.

As with all towers inside a wilderness, the roof shingles have faded over time. Vines and weeds grow in and around the Tower, some bursting out of the stonework. Overgrowth of various sizes and shapes surrounds the Tower on all sides. Large rock formations keep one side somewhat hidden from view. There are also some animals lurking about, so keep your eyes peeled!

Includes 5 minifigures- 4 Red Dragon knights and 1 Crusader knight!
Roof detaches to reveal top room!
Includes details inside and around the tower!

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