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Roman Fort


Roman Fort


This is my newest idea, again like my previous idea this set is based on one of the best minifigs - the Roman Legionary!

This time round I present the Roman Fort, this is a pretty basic set which makes it really easy to construct. For people who wish to have a more complete fort could buy more than one set and place them together.

The main building is a stone gate house, with 2 wooden sentry towers. surrounding this is the main log wall which i have tried to make look realistic as I can. Inside the fort is the camp site..

..this includes two tents and a small camp fire.

The gate house door is intentionally small as this is designed to be a small outpost fort and not a the main barracks.

My idea includes

  • 1x Commander
  • 4x Legionaries’
  • 1x Horse
  • 2x Tents
  • 4x Spears
  • 4x Shields
  • 5x Swords
  • 1x Horn
  • 1x Flag standard

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