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Cafe Racer Motorbike


From horses and ponies to horsepower and displacement, this Cafe Racer will get you there, fast.  Beautifully designed, and only a handful of pieces, this simple design even allows your minifigure to fit with ease. This motorcycle is designed similar to a cafe cruiser or Triumph from the past.  Two main goals where in place, design both a small display motorcycle and allow it to fit minifigures, both accomplished nicely.  This motorbike also has limitless poses thanks to the swing arms are adjustable.  Color, design and build variations are easily accomplished with a few extra parts to easily further customize to one's liking.  If different kits were made, having more kits with special and unique parts would allow limitless possibilities. I will update with other colors, designs, engine options and others so tune up and in to see these updates.

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