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Iron Man Hulkbuster Mech Suit


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Iron Man Hulkbuster Mech Suit is one of Iron Man's coolest specialty armors. It's a mech suit with heavier and stronger chassis to complement his modular Iron Man Suit. This will allow him to take on stronger opponent such as Hulk (when he goes on a rampage) or Iron Monger Armor (Obadiah's Suit).

The set design of this suit is largely based on the concept photos of the Hulkbuster for the Avengers Initiative, where the Iron Man can be seen when in the suit.

This set allows lots of play-ability in recreating various scenes that children loves to recreate from their imagination. A normal Iron Man minifig seat nicely as well in the suit.

Minifig: Iron Man Mk. XI Modular Armor

With your support, we can make this into an official cool LEGO set.

Some details at the back of the suit.

Showing some flexibility of the set, recreating the pose from Iron Man 3 poster.

Optional add-on to expand on the suit.

Relax moment with Pepper Potts.
Pepper: Tony.... Why am I down here ?
Tony: Uh....
.... after lifting her up ...
Pepper: This is much better.

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