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Imperial Shuttle


The Imperial Shuttle Tydirium from Star Wars - The Return Of The Jedi, in midi-scale.

A Lambda-class T-4a shuttle, the stolen Tydirium was used by the Rebel Alliance to transport a strike team, led by General Han Solo, to the surface of the forest moon of Endor in order to disable the shield generator of the orbiting Death Star II.

I was a great fan of the official sets 7778-1: Midi-scale Millennium Falcon, and of 8099: Midi-Scale Imperial Star Destroyer and I'd love to see some more Star Wars sets built around this scale. As much as I enjoy the much larger (and expensive) UCS Star Wars sets, they do take up an awful lot of room.

So here is my take on the Imperial Shuttle, which even at this scale packs in a ton of detail:

  • Wings that easily fold up and down. The extent of their movement is constrained to match the real model.
  • Rear turret gun, that rotates left and right.
  • Attractive display stand, allowing the model to be displayed with the wings folded down.
  • 100% swooshable.

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