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Infinity Cube

Infinity Cube:
Fidget toys have had many forms and shapes. That's what makes Lego the best form of this concept.
An infinity cube, allows the user to create a toy that can be continuously flipped and moved without stopping (i.e. "infinity"). This is a quiet was to keep your mind/body moving without distracting others. Think about the last meeting you were in or class lecture you were sitting in front of… Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to reach into your pocket and silently pull out your Lego Infinity Cube creation and have something to keep your mind engaged? What if your co-worker or student sees it? -- They will likely ask you to share or if you have another Lego Infinity cube to let them use!  
The challenge: In building and designing this concept, the challenge was to find the correct Lego pieces to create the actual functional item. Also, when designing, I took into consideration size because fidget toys can come in all shapes and sizes but I wanted it to be “perfect.” I wanted it large enough, but not too big/ too small. (additionally, this could be offered in multiple sizes to mee the user’s desired size preference.) Hinge pieces were very important for this build to give it the form and function that was desired in my vision of this design. Lego hinges are ideal because they are virtually silent as the user continuously flips the cube back and forth. The building/designing took some trial and error to get the correct form. Also, there was a lot of rebuilding, redesigning, and refining this infinity cube in order to get the best final product.  
Why did I choose this item to create? A fidget toy/infinity cube is something that many, many people want to have close by for a meeting, teaching lecture, or just around the house. I also personally like to have my infinity cube for learning lectures or just around the house. It helps me think, focus and helps me to stay on task and not drift in thought while I’m supposed to be sitting and listening. Additionally, as I have used my infinity cube Lego concept and enjoyed it, and also I have allowed others to use it and test it out. All of the feedback that I have been given has been positive and people have wanted one of these infinity cubes for themselves.
This design is somewhat simple, but the infinity cube design provides a quick and easy build that is made up of less pieces, and therefore lower cost. Not only can this be a great toy/tool to use for fidgeting, but it is also something to build. This lego design provides something to create and achieve before use and then, the final product can be used over and over and over…This provides so many applications. The color themes can be made available in multiple forms like “pink”, “camo”, and various color schemes. There are an infinite number of colors that can be made available for this infinity cube.

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