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F+P Fresh Produce Market


Hello Lego Ideas Team, this is Treetop 2017!  I am excited to share with everyone who loves Lego's my new idea for the Lego Ideas Team and Lego's Ideas Website. My Idea is called f+p fresh produce market it has 44 small parts and 5 big parts all in one. I will explain the 44 small parts first and then describe the five big parts of this idea of mine. The first part is 16 or half a peck of red delicious apples, the second part is the 16 or half a peck of delicious granny smith apples, the third part is the five yellow bannnannas, you have two white parsnips with green tops and two orange carrots with green tops.

For the first big part you have a road with white lines on it and a stop sign holder with flashing red stop sign, a black piece of plain road with yellow curbs, you also have a piece of green grass, the next piece is the yellow sign that is with red letters that says f+p and that stands for fresh produce market. The last piece of this idea of mine is the f+p fresh produce market building.

On the outside of the f+p fresh produce market you have cement for the begining of the building, you have yellow building material, you have two window frames with two clear windows inside them, you have two yellow door frames with yellow doors in them. Next to the doors you have a mailbox stand with blue mailbox and mailbox cover that opens up to put the two pieces of mail inside the mailbox. Also Outside the f+p fresh produce market you have two pieces of yellow rectangular roof, a white flag pole, a plain red circular sign, and a black security camera over the two doors.

Now if I can call your attention to what's inside the f+p fresh produce market . The first item is a brown desk with black countertop on it, a white cupboard with red  cash draws, a black sales computer, a white key board, a scanner with black plain computer, a scale hooked up to the scanner, a friendly stock room/cashier, a telephone holder with telephone, a brown small box on the counter top, a gray security camera, also you have a gray money safe that opens to put the money in it. On the floor you have a gift card, a check book two white hundred bills, 2 green hundred dollar bills, two medium light brown boxes for the two different kinds of apples that i mentioned. You also have one small box with a white parsnip with green top on it, and one orange carrot with green top. I built this yesterday while i was waiting for the power to come back on, but so far it has not come on yet and i am using a generator. Maybe tommorrow the power will be back for good i hope.

This set would be great for everyone to have and would even be great for people who want a easy set for their first set or for holdiay gifts or any occasion. It was easy to build and you would have hours of fun playing with it. Lego does not make a idea like this yet and i think it would be cool to have. This set is suitable for all ages.  I hope you will vote on f+p fresh produce market today and let your friends and family members know about it. If you have any questions or comments please leave them and i will answer them when i can. Thanks and have a Great Day! Your builder and Lego fan Treetop 2017!. P.S Feel free to check out some of my other ideas also. Thanks for your time!

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