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Voltron - Legendary Defender


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"Once all the lions are united, you will form Voltron. The most powerful warrior ever known. The defender of the Universe" - Princess Alura

Voltron - Legendary Defender is an animated television series produced by DreamWorks and World Events Productions. It started airing through Netflix on June 10, 2016.

The Set

Inspired by the new series, this set comes with 5 lions that when combined, forms an 11 inch replica of the new incarnation of Voltron.

1) Black Lion - Forms the head and the body
2) Red and Green Lions - Form the arms
3) Blue and Yellow Lions - Form the legs

Due to its scale, some parts are designed to be removed/repositioned when combined i.e. lion legs. Decals/stickers/prints are required to simulate details such as the shoulder shield insignia, lion noses as well as Voltron's face.

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