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Apple's Greatest Products Collection

Hey Y'all! DanTheLegoMan Here!

Today I am presenting the Apple Collection.
This is a compilation of products that were built and made by Steve Jobs and the Apple team. Here are the builds that I have selected.
1. The Macintosh 
2. The IPhone
3. The IPod
4. The IPad
5. The iPod shuffle
In total, this project contains 212 parts, Took about 2 hours to build, and was built and rendered by me. I think that it would make a great set for displaying. There are 1.4 BILLION Apple Product users. I need a mere 10,000 of those to make this an actual Lego set. So please, Support, Share, and follow me. It helps out so much. 

This project was built by DanTheLegoMan.
This project was rendered by DanTheLegoMan.

Have a great day and keep building!  :)

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