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Formula Mini

Experience the new compact race car that promotes quick and fun building. More cars fit on the racetrack, and that allows for more chaos and unpredictable races. Every racing fan should pack their brick-built tracks with this new car.

- 6-Studs wide at the wheels.
- Forward rake to better cut through the air.
- Side mirrors for a better view of your competitors.
-Sidepods to cool the gigantic racing engine.
- Large red safety light in the rear.

This just in: dazzling images of some of the new colour renderings! These are separate individual cars and they are shown side by side to display the colour differences only. This is not a "series".

Please read: While the rendered image makes the car appear as if it is doing a "wheelie" (only the rear wheels touching), this is done on purpose to add forward "rake" (angle) to the car. Both tires are the same size, so to achieve this angle the front wheels are positioned higher than the rear wheels. I am new to using Studio so the cars do appear to be floating since there is an invisible baseplate but I'm trying my best to hide that until I improve my skills with the rendering program.

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